"As we go through the discovery process I encourage and hold the container for the client to honor, love and show up in ways they didn’t know possible.  They begin to see through different eyes, the eyes of the child who has the capability to write another script and learn what it means to love and honor self above all else."  ~Laura Mayer

Successful and Happy 

90-Day Breakthrough package 

In these sessions, Laura will give you 100% of her intuitive power and will help you uncover the negative cellular energy that has been holding you back. This is no introduction—this is the REAL work done with an audacious attitude and an open heart.

This breakthrough package begins the journey of integrating your inner and outer self by diving deep into the painful place that keeps you miserable.  

You are provided with new tools and techniques that will increase your awareness immediately and help you to shift from miserable to joyful.

Processes are provided that allow you to dive in and see where you are holding stuck energy keeping you in abeyance.

Package Includes:

  • Nine 60-minute individual coaching sessions within a 90-day period of time providing intuitive and insightful support for your expansion. Every session utilizes a 3-step model, Take the Journey. Do the Work. Celebrate, for clarity and maximal result.
  • Homework for inner growth and deeper exploration.
  • Sets the stage for deeper more consistent work where long lasting change happens. Dedication and commitment to self is how change happens. I know. I have been there.
  • Teaching of Audacious Attitude Adjustment© specific to issues that pop up during each session which will adjust your attitude in a heart beat to a positive energy instead of stuck energy. You will be encouraged to become a Kickass Attitude Adjuster™
  • PDF of Unlocking the Invisible Child to share the inspirational story that exemplifies the transformation from success with misery to success with joy, peace and purpose.
  • Breakthrough Reflections workbook.

You will:

  • Create a sense of how you become successful and happy inside out by going directly to source within minutes.
  • Uncover childhood traumas and underlying belief patterns.
  • Become a witness to the life you desire as you take the journey, do the work and celebrate you as you step forward.
  • Begin to understand what it means to be audacious (bold, courageous, determined)  by adjusting your attitude from fear based to joy-filled.
  • Successfully identify the source of feeling "miserable" despite outward success.

Once completed, Laura will discuss options to continue the journey and create greater opportunities for success.

Successful and Happy

6-Month Coaching Package

If you are ready take your breakthrough and make it into your lifestyle practice, then this program is perfect for you. Step through the doorway to your audacious life and experience, first hand,  life altering changes.

Package Includes:

  • Initial Comprehensive Soul Memory Discovery Process (2- hour session)

  • 2-60 minutes sessions per month for 6-months.

  • 2- 30 minute “Help me, I’m Stuck" sessions to give immediate attention to where you are feeling stuck or pinged.

  • Every session utilizes from a 3-step model, Take the Journey. Do the Work. Celebrate, for clarity and maximal result.
  • Homework for inner growth and deeper exploration and a Breakthrough  Reflections Workbook for journaling/processing.

You will:

  • Specific tools to shift your life by changing your attitude. 
  • Immediate identification of childhood traumas by going straight to source.  
  • Learn to transmute underlying belief patterns that remain restricting and constrictive.
  • Learn new skills to see your world through fearless eyes.
  • Tools to connect the dots between your physical well being and emotional body to free up all dis-ease.
  • How to become a Kickass Attitude Adjustor and live your life in positivity.
  • Develop a new identity so you see yourself as an audacious, vibrant adult.

Audacious Healer Apprenticeship Program


If you are ready to take your work as a healer to the next level, then this program is right for you. Step through the doorway to your audacious life and Healing Business!

You will:

  • Free yourself from childhood traumas 
  • Change your underlying belief patterns
  • See your world through fearless eyes
  • Free your body from dis-ease
  • Bring these tools and skills to your own clients and watch as they experience the results they desire
  • Learn how to See Through the Eyes of the Child™ and practice The Child Always Knows™  which is the blueprint of Laura's work

"I discovered Laura Mayer and her healing story in November of 2014 while looking for my own healing opportunity. I had a non curable illness known as Erythromelalgia, and I wanted to be free of it. After reading Laura's book, I spoke with her to discuss possibly working with her. During that first phone call, Laura asked me about what had happened at age three. I didn't know. She asked me about feeling rejected or pushed aside. As I gave myself a moment to think, I was able to connect to that feeling and that wounding. I was intrigued, but I was still skeptical as I had tried many other healers without much luck.
After serious consideration, I began working with Laura in December. Throughout our sessions, Laura would have me go to different chakras for excavation. It was astounding how many feelings would be released from this exercise, and when I reread my journal entries from that time, it's fascinating how spot on she was to direct me there and how relevant it was for me to remove those blocks. As I removed areas of heaviness, lightness filled me. My fear was replaced with love, hope, and intention. With her help and guidance, I experienced huge shifts and got back to participating in life again. It was exhilarating! I am forever grateful for her and for our work together."
~Melinda, NC