Are you Ready for a change?

Open the doorway to

your infinite possibilities

whichever doorway you choose,

I'll show up for you

the way I showed up for me!


Are you Ready for a change?

Open the doorway to

your infinite possibilities

whichever doorway you choose,

I'll show up for you

the way I showed up for me!







Hi! I'm Laura Mayer-The Integrative Therapist and healing activator

Do You believe in the transformational power of commitment-connection-courage? I do.

are You:

  • fed up with the band-aid approach to healing and wellness.

  • willing to commit fully and make cellular change happen.

  • ready to receive a hand from someone who will successfully navigate the journey with you. 

  • Open to life altering/sustaining change. 

  • eager to resolve childhood wounding. 

Open the Doorway breakthrough session

and you will see immediate results.

5 Top Results reported by Hundreds of Breakthrough Session participants:

  • Greater insight into the obstacles interfering with your optimal health.

  • clearer understanding of your core relationship challenges.

  • increased awareness of unresolved childhood wounding in your current life.

  • deeper Clarity around creaTing the life you want.

  • Making a Commitment to take simple, actionable steps towards your ultimate results.


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At MindBody Medicine Center, Laura Mayer skillfully guides patients to discover the psychological origins of their disease.  Having reversed a life threatening disease herself, she has the experience and knowledge to guide others on this most important inner journey. Serious disease, such as cancer, is a powerful motivator to change but the path of self-knowledge is not easy.  Laura knows the way and she has been a great source of wisdom and guidance to many of our patients as they transform disease into healing.

~Ronald Peters, MD, MPH
Medical Director, MindBody Medicine Center, www.MindBodyMC.com


"When Laura Mayer speaks it pays to listen. Her life is a testament to the power of courage to heal and transform broken hands and a broken heart.

Laura Mayer’s life was filled with the same kind of discordance many of us face growing up: emotionally-unavailable parents, the confusing messages of the media and matrix, and the lack of community and connection. She struggled with a harsh and difficult environment, internalizing her pain, and creating a fertile container for dis-ease to flourish.

The first signs of a serious physical problem came at age 14, a slight accident leading to a long, painful trip into the medical matrix. One surgery led to 17 more, a diagnosis of Anterior Horn Cell Disease coming with a dire prediction: wheelchair at 25, death at 40 because respiratory muscles would give out.

As Laura faced obstacle after obstacle in her life, she met each challenge with the quality of courage that defines the tapestry of ones life. This is the passionate and courageousness attitude she brings to every client-every session." -Scott Watrous, Former Vice President, Penguin Random House.





From my heart to yours,

"If I can heal so can you! My work spans four decades—as a licensed occupational therapist in the field of psychiatry and pediatrics—and now as a master teacher/master healer, engaging children and adults to look deep within and heal for real. The miracle of my own healing is the motivation for my work. I go deep within the cellular memory/soul memory to assist you in igniting your light to be the best you can be.

My SoulDancing Healing Practice includes energetic healing, intuitive guidance, and the promise to ‘hold your hand’ and walk alongside you as you transform your life.

In working inter-generational it is my belief that "it's never too late to mend." I provide each participant the opportunity to be fully seen, fully heard and fully present.

I am a certified facilitator in Soul Memory Discovery and Indigo Spiritual Healing, Reiki I and II, and the mother of two Indigo adults."

~Laura Mayer, MA, OTR

"Laura Mayer skillfully and very quickly helped me hone in on a single moment in my past that was instrumental in keeping me stuck and small with regards to my financial health for at least 50 years! As she helped me navigate the excavation of the various aspects (guilt, fear, etc.) of this moment, I was able to stand up and face the old voices to let go of their influence they've had on me which were preventing me from stepping into my own powerful truth of knowing who I am.As a result, I feel lighter and have made a pivotal decision about my new business that has unleashed a powerful wave of renewed vigor and creativity for growth in a direction I was previously afraid to take! Yahoo! Thanks so much Laura for your sensitive, capable facilitation of change within me! -Kathryn, AZ