If I am not for me who will be for me
If I am just for me, what am I
If not now, when?

How many times have you prayed that the Universe will grant you yet another opportunity to love and be loved?

If you’re anything like me, it happens every time I meet a potential love partner.

I desire love. I desire a partner in my life. I desire to spend my life in meaningful relationship. Let’s go deeper. More than desire, I require a partner who is present, available, conscious and like-minded. I realize I’ve just made a simple request into a slightly more complicated one. And that’s quite okay with me because I am complicated! I am deep and knowing and anyone who knocks at my door has to reside in that field and the mirror reflection. Energetically, no one else could work.

If we are to be in right relationship with another it’s critical we first, and foremost, sit in right relationship with self. The first line in my book is having the courage to love your self enough and is the foundation for my own self -healing and the transformational healing my clients have experienced.

When you love yourself you learn what deep love means, what is required and what is desired.

It’s when you understand the enormity of what unconditional love looks like and are willing to gift this to yourself you are able to show up in the world sharing the purity of love with everyone you come in contact with.

So ask your self, “Are there any hidden pieces within me yearning to be seen and cleared? How empowering to hold this level of self -awareness and clarity! Yippee! And please honor yourself and do this with grace and gentleness. That’s the only way we transmute darkness into lightness.

I trust I will attract a man of equal footing regarding emotional-psycho-spiritual like-mindedness. That is the Universal Law of Attraction. My personal evolution, determination and transformation have proven this to be true: I am to be with someone who carries the same vibration/energy stamp. Without that deep knowing I never would of had the courage to exit my marriage with the belief that a fulfilling partnership cannot exist if our energies are not aligned. Our personalities and stories might be, but not our energy stamp.

Like beget like, right? Are you clear as to what you require?

Let us remember one of the basic axioms in new paradigm thought,

“We attract who we are.”

Until the day arrives when the Universal force of divine matchmaking brings me my match, I am single and in love with me.

As a woman who sits in the purity of heart, I recognize how significant this is-to seek another who truly cherishes and lovingly challenges me. My wisdom has made peace with that. My heart will be patient as I allow the perfect fit-not the perfect man but the perfect fit to enter my life.

You see, the reality is, when we fit within ourselves the beloved partner who fits- shows up.

I am my beloved. My beloved is mine.

I would like to share with you my most recent radio show. Enjoy, learn and feel whatever spark of truth this awakens in you.


Many blessings for a very healthy and Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating and reveling in deep gratitude for all that is and all that will be.