Of late I have been witnessing everyone around me experiencing major choice points in their lives. I see this in clients, friends and family. It’s clearly a time for the Universe to test us, making sure we are track with our divine plan.

I myself was riding quite a few waves-actually it felt more like tsunamis. During this time, I had an overwhelming desire to be still and listen deeply to my inner voice. The overall theme for me was discernment.

As I now enter the next chapter of my life I know I am to stand tall in my vision, clarity and desire. It’s indeed another grand opportunity to stay centered in my highest knowing. My book,Unlocking the Invisible Child: A Journey from Heartbreak to Bliss, is close to publication and I know I will be challenged to show up differently than before. People will ask me to do it their way and it’s for me to stay in my integrity and align myself with my soul knowing-nobody else’s. This process of discernment has allowed me to separate the now and past life bleed-thru, helped me to identify the friends and colleagues that I choose to play with and make decisions that is for my highest and best.

The greatest gift we can give ourselves in discerning what is ours and what is not. All we have to do is get quiet, give space to the unfolding, and listen, listen, listen, to our heart song. We will be given many opportunities for this clearing process to occur and for that I am truly grateful.