Healing was a metaphysical experience for me. After 18 surgeries and 40 years of carrying a medical diagnosis I stepped into the realm of metaphysics and spirituality. I had exhausted the medical field. There was nothing more “they” could do. The greatest shift happened when my hand surgeon advised me to stop working as an occupational therapist and I entered the dark night of the soul. It was the most difficult decision I had to make. I needed my work. It helped me to feel whole and productive. It always brings a smile to my face when I think, in retrospect, how strange it was that I was guided into a field that uses hands as the primary modality of healing.  I did not have very functional hands at the time and yet I practiced OT for almost 25 years. It wasn’t easy.

Today it all makes sense.

When I stepped outside the box and started to engage in metaphysics and energy healing I began to learn about the higher self, spirit guides and angels.

I was a clinician. I hadn’t a clue what energy, metaphysics, alternative healing was about or how it would help me on my path. All I knew was I made a decision to open fully and completely and trust it was showing up for a reason. I felt driven to understand this higher realm and soon I realized I had been guided by this energy all along.  I began to acknowledge there was a purpose to all the suffering I had endured. This gave me hope. The readers and healers I met along the path encouraged me to believe in myself and trust there was a higher purpose.

I listened. I allowed. I became more aware of everything around me. I began to feel the energy shifts in me. I started to decode the messages. I listened and learned how to love that small voice deep within.

These messages brought me hope that change and healing was possible as well as a deep understanding of the importance the dis-ease played in the larger picture. This is what eventually allowed me to step fully into my life’s purpose.

Today, I recognize the dis-ease did indeed give me the courage to survive, and then later, thrive. Today, I sit with gratitude for these experiences which led me to show up in my life as I am today, fully seen, fully heard and fully present. That’s a gift.