Healing is Greater Than Anything Else

I have begun to move from a place of sadness and suffering

To let go and trust in the universe:

To take the risk and do the journey;

To travel from a place of fear and loneliness

To a place of compassion and awareness;

To recognize that life will give me the necessary tools,

Providing me with mirrors to witness who I AM.

My body needs to heal from the inside out;

My body knows the truth.

It is the body that holds the suffering and injustices

Deep within my cells.

My body is tired of the charade of perfection

And is asking for my soul’s compassion to heal.

My body has had enough,

My being needs to heal.

As I continue to take the steps to empty and open,

I invite myself to reach out to others,

Those who may not be able to ask for my openheartedness.

With a depth of knowingness, I need to do this to heal,

And healing is greater than anything else.