I come across many people who need to feel important. They’re the ones that know everything and have all the “right” suggestions and just seem to be filled with “right” answers. They always have the last word. So this has peaked my interest.  I asked myself,  “Is this empowerment or does thing stem from a need to feel important and recognized?”  My heart immediately hones in on the little child screaming to be seen and heard.

Empowerment brings calmness, a quieting, and an internal knowing that nobody can dispute.  There is a grace that propels you along your path, a gentle kindness that you bring to everyone you meet. You no longer need to judge, control, and convince others that you know it all.  It no longer matters. The only thing that matters is the softness you feel in your heart. See if you can recognize the difference. It might really surprise you. The universe needs us to show up as empowered adults-not needy children so we can heal the world we live in.