In my practice of Soul Memory Discovery my clients and I identify early childhood “traumas and dramas” that remain embedded in the cellular makeup. We also identify the age and body part (or chakra) the memory is stored in and then energetically release these memories so they no longer interfere or hinder spiritual growth.

It always amazes me how clear and exacting the process is. It’s almost foolproof. At this point, the “work” is what I call an excavation of the soul-inner child work on an energetic level, which is deep and powerful. Together we journey to the core and pull up the feelings that remain locked in the cells causing dis-comfort or dis-ease. Whether the client’s manifestations are physical, emotional, or spiritual, they all agree on one thing-there’s an energetic root to their feelings and actions requiring further exploration.

My own personal experience validates this and my book, “Unlocking the Invisible Child: A Journey From Heartbreak to Bliss, speaks directly to it.

When I began to do inner child work on an energetic level, I physically (on a vibrational level) felt the intensity of these events. I always knew I had feelings around certain traumatic events in my life, but never realized the depth of pain I continued to carry within. This was a huge part of my transformation and healing.

As I openned to the healing process, I wrote a poem that helped me to voice out loud a willingness to release any residue of those childhood traumas and dramas and reclaim my life as an adult. I would like to share this poem with you in hopes that it will help you to empower yourself,  reclaim your child and be a joyful adult.

“Little Laura”

Oh my sweet little Laura

so much fear you carry within.

Older Laura understands

why you are hiding out……….

never quite sure of where you are……..

never quite sure of the fit……….

never belonging………..

afraid to belong………

never sure if it is real………..

not knowing who you are………..

and the feelings that move you so deep inside.

The longings for tenderness and loving-kindness

the desire for touch and passion.

The fear of touch and closeness

all spun together in a tangled image

of wants and desires.

So lost in a world of ungraciousness and fear.

Not wanting to call it home-

and yet not quite knowing how to move on.

Little Laura, come out- it is safe

I will caress and sooth you

as a mother would.

I will love you and comfort you my little one

and hold you with gentle tenderness

as I sing to you

and together we will feel the

“letting go” of this burden.