Occasionally I still wonder what will really happen in my life? Will I really get what I so desire and know that I deserve. I guess we all go through ”human” doubt. Yes, we are human-no mater how spiritual we are –we are still human. That is the doubt that gets in the way.  So for me it always gets back to the issue of trust-trusting in something bigger than myself that is propelling me forward.

It is about the “knowing” that I am aligned with my higher purpose. That always centers and grounds me.  I remember having a discussion with my 21-year-old son who said so clearly that he knew exactly what his mission was and if he couldn’t do that he didn’t need to be alive.

I was surprised yet completely understood. When you become clear with what your life purpose is nothing can hold you back. That doesn’t suggest it will be easy-but you will be propelled forward on your path by the energy.

So what if you don’t know your higher purpose? That’s okay too. Trust if you open to the universe and ask you WILL get a response.