Yesterday, while attending a meeting for holistic health providers in Westchester County, New York, I met two wonderful people.  Scott and Patricia are making a documentary on patients with A.L.S. (Lou Gehrig’s disease).  This disease is very close to my heart-it was tossed around as a differential diagnosis when I was a teenager. Many years later as an occupational therapist, I treated several patients with the disease. These patient’s were a mirror for me: since at that time, their prognosis was my prognosis.

As I viewed the documentary my eyes filled with tears and triumph for those courageous people who are willing to look outside the box and explore alternatives. These patients believed that they had to “do something” to regain some control over their lives. They began to look for alternative ways to live with A.L.S. They were not going to settle. This simply wasn’t good enough. I know the story well. When I exhausted the medical world I had two choices: open to alternative healing methodologies or be disabled the rest of my life.

Isn’t it about time we take back our personal power and reclaim our lives? I believe we have that ability. How can I not? We begin by living consciously, being fully aware of what we do-the food we eat, where we live, our relationships, how we show up, how we re-act to triggers and stressful situations, and free ourselves from childhood traumas and dramas. Most of all we have to love ourselves enough and believe we deserve to live the life we want. That’s why the first line of my upcoming book, Unlocking the Invisible Child: A Journey from Heartbreak to Bliss, is having the courage to love yourself enough.

When we love ourselves enough we send the message out in the Universe that we deserve to be here. When we live from that knowing we can effect change. I bless every individual who has the courage to believe in him or herself and make that change. It is not easy-it’s a journey that takes tremendous tenacity, courage and trust in the unknown. But it’s worth the ride-I am a witness to that process.

By making the shift you have bestowed a tremendous gift upon yourself. You have begun to empower yourself and listen to your “soul dance”-not someone else’s.

It’s always our choice to be co-creators of our destiny. Keep in mind that healing shows up in many ways. I have learned from my own story, healing my heart was first and foremost.  My physical vessel would not of healed if my heart didn’t heal first.

That much I know!