“It’s amazing what we do when we live in survival mode–the continuous cycle of protecting oneself from perceived hurt and pain, only to recapitulate the same theme over and over again.”Unlocking the Invisible Child, Chapter 12~Moving On.

Moving on from survival mode requires a major amount of courage. When I first made a commitment to heal for real’ I laid in bed asking myself ‘what does healing really look like and am I capable of doing this? A second question that haunted me was more to the point. ‘What in God’s name am I going to do if/when I actually did heal?’

So programmed by a past belief system I wasn’t sure I even believed I had the power to transform my life. I hear the same cry from most of my clients today.

That was seven years ago. Today I’m convinced that healing is possible for anyone who has the courage to walk the talk and never quit. How and what we heal is completely up to us. It’s in our power to make the decision to heal. Trust people will show up in your life to support, challenge and encourage you along the way.

 The intrinsic desire to heal is often overshadowed by the fear to heal.

I totally get it! Taking the step to move on is huge.

Change occurs on a cellular level. Underlying belief patterns have to change or change will occur only in the mind-on an intellectual level, not cellular level. Protection from pain is a learned belief held deeply within our cells from childhood dramas and traumas. We hold onto them for safety until we truly believe we can effect change from within.

Isn’t it time to trust and empower ourselves, deeply knowing we all have the capacity to change just about anything we choose to change?

I believe this, do you?

Be still. Put your hands on your solar plexus (stomach) Rest in your core self. Breathe.

Ask yourself, “Am I recapitulating old belief patterns? Am I living life the way I choose or the life someone else prescribed for me? Am I living my authentic self?

Now for the most challenging question, “Am I ready to Move On and be the life I choose to live?”

For  inner work in this area check out UIC: A Healing Workshop. The workshop guides you to‘Drop Your Story~Create a New One,’ challenging you to do a deep excavation of your soul to discover and recover your authentic self.

May the gift of moving on open the door to opportunity and grace.