Does your original story fit you? Are you ready to re-define yourself and show up the way you want to-not in the way society, parents, teachers, etc want you to? Do you have the courage to open to the truth without judgment, hold the wisdom, balance, and passion necessary to get to the core of it all? Only then can you melt away the years of untold stories, untold pain, and let the fire inside reignite, using the energy to propel you forward one step at a time so you may live the life you so desire. This process isn’t easy-but it’s real.

What does YOUR truth look like? Ask yourself, “Who am I? What do I want?” Can you identify the qualities that make you shine, bring you joy?

Everyday I am a witness to people’s struggle in letting go of the old and allowing space for the new. It’s about having the courage and patience to re-define who you are.

Everyone has the capability to do this.

If you are not comfortable living the story you’ve been living up to now than you are ready to re-write it? We all have a story-it starts at birth. When we feel the separation from our authentic self we know intuitively it’s time to drop the old. Give yourself the permission to take a healing journey within. Be still-intuitively tap in and identify who you are and what’s keeping you stuck. I know all too well it’s never to late to be the person you want to be.
Most of all enjoy the journey. It’s a journey to freedom.

For additional information on this subject see my new workshop Unlocking the Invisible Child A Healing Workshop.