What do we do when we get to the edge of the cliff? Do we set up camp and rest?

Fear keeps us from leaping forward, yet our knowing keeps us from going back down the hill.

So we sit and set up camp at the edge of the cliff.

I was recently in a lively conversation with a friend who’s in that in-between state of listening to his inner knowing vs. listening to the personality-self desiring safety. Listening to him I had this vision of his situation. Knowing all to well he is not alone in this in-between state, this was a perfect blog post.

What I saw was his setting up a tent at the edge of a cliff and just sitting and resting. It’s a safe place. It’s that in-between place-a place of, oh no, what do I do now! Do I leap off the cliff knowing, trusting the net will appear or do I pack up my tent and head back down the mountain?

The reality is this place, this being on the edge of the cliff, IS the place where the next huge shift occurs. This, of course, can be terrifying if we don’t fully believe in our higher knowing, god self, what ever you choose to call it. It’s the place in our heart where we make the decision we must move ahead and take the risk that all will be well.

It’s the place where shift occurs!

The first time I experienced being on the edge I actually thought I was having a psychotic break. It was during my first silent meditation retreat. When I shared my experience with my teacher at the time, David Cooper, he said, “You went to the edge. Good for you.”

So that’s what going to the edge looks like! I was grateful I wasn’t really losing it.

It’s in that place we learn what our next step is. At that point we have the choice of turning around and going backwards (although I am not sure that’s possible) or continuing to move forward with grace and courage. It is the time we deepen our awareness and trust that we are indeed guided, loved and held by the Universe and others.

The key is to recognize this is the journey and to acknowledge what is coming up that might keep you resting on the edge of the cliff rather than trusting enough to take the leap!

We know this is a metaphor for trusting our highest knowing that we are all supported therefore the net will always appear…

Questions to ponder-

How do you feel when you reach a certain point in your life and are unsettled as to the next step? Go deep into inquiry and see where you get stuck in old fears or conditioning.

Do you trust your true self, your inner guidance, your soul knowing?

Are you aware of the places and spaces that keep you in abeyance?

Are you willing to be the best you can be?

Trust in self is the key that unlocks all doors.