My parents are both quite ill, one with cancer, one with a broken heart that manifests physically in many ways. Metaphysically it’s one and the same. I certainly understand that!

Over the past three months, I’ve witnessed my father’s physical healing while his desire for life continues to wax and wane. I’m not sure he even knows why he stays on this earth and plane. My father, who has been very ill for the  past seven years, was recently told by an expert in the field (physician) that he actually didn’t have the disease he was given years ago and proceeded to wean him off prednisone, one of his many medications.

This measure has proven helpful as it has restored his body back to “normal”- his legs no longer swollen with edema, the shape of his face no longer has the moon face appearance a well-known side effect of the drug. My father continues to have difficulty breathing and requires a huge amount of energy expenditure to complete the simplest of tasks. I’ve also been a witness to my father’s level of indifference in caring for his heart and soul. This makes my heart sad.

On the other hand, my mother continues to fight for her life. With her cancer out  of remission, she sits clueless as to her next step, following the doctor’s words to a tee knowing her “life” depends on their knowledge.  My mother is “waiting” for the medical world to tell her what will be. She is exhausted.

My mother who doesn’t believe in metaphysical, spiritual or energy healings has handed her life over to her doctors. My father is simply surviving his existence.

The hardest part is observing their inability to support one another in the journey. The anger and disappointment on both sides grows deeper with each passing day. This level of stress is harmful for anyone, especially those withimmune system vulnerability. I also understand this is who they are and, clearly, this is their karma. I fully and completely accept this

I know there’s nothing I can do for them but show up with unconditional love and  acceptance. This is how I show up.

As a healer, I witness this dynamic often. The incredible push-pull of those residing in hopelessness, disempowerment and fear. Many people are at a choice point in their lives feeling lost and unsure of how to empower themselves to step fully into the life they desire. They quietly ask themselves, “Is my life worth living or not? Am I worth living? What can I do?”

This might be a good time to ask yourself, “Is there something more I can be doing to find my inner peace? Am I doing all I can do or does my fear and anger continue to get in the way?”

I once had a wooden plaque in my house that said, 

“It’s never too late to mend”

I needed that reminder years ago. Yes, it is never too late to mend the heart and soul.

I believe true healing resides in the heart’s acceptance of self, which brings inner peace. It’s a deep knowing that you’ve done everything you came in to do in this lifetime: the resolution of your karma, the quieting of your mind.

Healing doesn’t necessarily mean relinquishing the physical manifestation, it means healing the tender of the soul for peaceful resolution so you may move on.