I would like to share a writing done by Ben, age 22. Knowingly, he has been on the spiritual path for about five years. As a seeker, he continues to expand his consciousness so he may live his hearts desire and soul purpose. I found his writing heartfelt and courageous and I believe his words will resonate with others, young and old.  Ben has given me permission to post it on this site.

“I finally can see the way it’s always been, the need for peace starts from within.”

Only now do I understand that there is no job for me. Only now do I understand the difference between quitting and giving up. I need to share my story with honor and integrity. The real story.I want to be real for all the lost souls who need something real.

I also know that there is a certain responsibility that I will have to take on in this world, as I truly learn to leave my entitlement behind . I want to be one with the things around me who bring me love. I want to show them that this world was here before us, that we are only here now, and that is something to be grateful for.

I never want to hurt anyone or think that anyone is mine.

Love is divine, and I am not. I need to leave it up to the divine to choose who comes into my life.I don’t want to throw stones against the wind. I want the wind to guide me through the beauty of nature that’s here for me, as I take it in with my heart, not my mind. I want to be superior to no one, because there is no one who can’t shine light on me.

My mother and my father represent the people who gave me the opportunity to have wisdom through experience, so I need to have the wisdom to love them back. I never want to be alone because there is too much love to share.

War is not the answer because babies cannot fight one another.

I want to share my story because I need to let it go. I need to share my story because it gives me purpose, the same purpose that we all share-to let each other know that we are one, that we can help and love one another.

I now know that I cannot change the world, but I can inspire others to want to make a change from within. I now know the only thing I can change is the way I share love with others, because I have now changed the way I love myself. I want to share my freedom with everyone that wants to hear it, see it, and feel it, because it isn’t mine, because my freedom is free as well.

I’m going to love this life the way a tree loves the rain, and I’m going to love this life with a fire deep inside of me, like the fire that the sun creates for the sand. I recognize that the ones who love me never mean to hurt me, but only to teach me that the love I hold onto can expand.

 But more importantly, I must use this wisdom, this power of love, and know never to be afraid of anything but the true soul that I am, and that will be the greatest gift of freedom a free man can receive.

Ben  Duffy

Age 22