have rewritten my story. I share this inspirational gift with anyone desiring change.

“When you love yourself enough you open widely to your greatest potential and begin to heal any form of dis-ease your body, mind or spirit may be holding.”

I learned healing is a process of releasing old messages stored in my DNA and what it means to have the courage to love myself enough and trust that I deserved a better life, a healthier existence. That’s when my entire body started to shift into wellness. Mostly, I learned to “let go” and follow my inner guidance. In doing so I allowed my heart to be guided by intuition and grace, not by my mind/ego, which were, for the most part, driven by fear. I was slowly and steadily unlocking myself from the only existence I had known and began to vision a new life, filled with joy and acceptance.”

I identified the energetic root of my dis-ease and realized if my heart healed my body would healas well.  I learned the incredible power of words and how we receive exactly what we ask for. I learned everything in life offers us the opportunity to grow. Most importantly, I learned that by seeing through softer eyes there was longer no room for anger.

I learned to trust you in the power to make choice and how to be the co-creator of my own destiny. You can remain locked in old story, trapped in past belief patterns/behaviors that no longer serve you, or you can create a new story-one that resonates with your authentic self. It’s about saying yes to your desires, your higher self.

I learned that forgiveness + compassion = healing. When we forgive ourselves, and others, we heal the hurt and discomfort that lies dormant in our cellular makeup.

I learned to drop my weapons and pick up my angel wings. When we are compassion and grace we attract the same. Healing is based in the heart, not the mind.

As a result of my learning, I have completely transcended the dis-ease and live each day in joy and gratitude.     “If I can heal-anyone can heal.”

  Be your hearts desire and live your soul purpose.