• Individual and Intergenerational Sessions: Doorway to A New Way of Thinking, Feeling, Living, & Loving. Programs include Breakthrough and Premier Packages and VIP Retreats

  • Opening the Doorway to Infinite Possibilities Wounds that Heal Presentation: An invitation to explore how wounds heal. During this introductory, experiential lecture, Laura describes exactly how curiosity, courage, and commitment leads to transformational healing.

  • Opening the Doorway to Infinite Possibilities Workshop Series, Levels I-IV: I. Doorway to YourSelf, II. Doorway to Inner Child Healing/Parenting Workshop (2-Parts) III. Doorway to Your Empowered Self: Showing Up/Sharing Gift, and IV. Doorway to Relation-Shift. Workshops include individual and group reflection, experiential activities, intuitive hits, and a comprehensive workbook

  • Practitioner Mentorship Program: Doorway to New Ways of Seeing. Laura guides healers and teachers to broaden and deepen their current gifts to become more effective with clients and students. Intensely practical, the 12-month mentorship includes case studies, experiential exercises, reflections, observations, and peer support .

  • Online Circle Groups: Doorway to Community Sharing and Caring: Groups include online, monthly interactive sessions for seekers, practitioners and parents.

  • Teaching Series: Doorway to A MeaningfulU. Series includes teaching videos, supportive articles, and reflective exercises. Sample topics include: Do You Have the Courage to Explore Your Deepest Truth? What is Your Healing Potential? How Do You Know You REALLY Love Yourself? And, How Do You Hold Spiritual Balloons While Staying On the Ground? Coming Spring 2019.