You remind me of one of the greatest spiritual masters. You have that gift… it’s hard to put into words, of being able to immerse yourself in another’s soul, look around and be ready to guide a person into balance, on their terms, not yours.”
~Arthur, MA

Doorways to Infinite Possibilities

Program Packages 

Each doorway provides an opportunity to explore deep-seAted barriers to healing, helping you create an empowered self filled with authenticity, purpose and freedom…


Doorway to…


can you imagine Embodying true alignment?

 True alignment is based on the foundation of:

  •  Discovering your authenticity.

  •  Understanding why and how you’ve been sidetracked.

  • Living in the transformative power of connection, commitment and courage.

  • Opening your heart to what was, what is, and what will be.

  • Learning unconditional love for self.

  • Integrating wholeness.

Invest in the 90-Day Breakthrough Package and you will gain:

  • Clarity

  • Greater recognition of desires, needs and wants.

  • Emotional alignment.

  • Deep love and respect

  • Increased confidence to express yourself.

  • Position self to be fully seen and heard.

and so much more…

At the conclusion of the 90-Day Breakthrough Package you will have the tools and techniques that will massively increase conscious awareness of self and others.

Package includes:

  • Nine 60-minute Breakthrough Coaching Sessions to provide ongoing support to expand individual awareness to shift your life.     

  • Two 30-minute “Help me. I am stuck” sessions at your discretion.

  • Telephone and/or email support up to 15 minutes.

  • Homework for inner growth and deeper exploration.

  • Unlocking the Invisible Child Book (PDF version) Sharing the inspirational story which exemplifies transformational healing.


Doorway to…

90-DAY RELATION-SHIFT BREAKTHROUGH PACKAGE (intergenerational/relational)

Can you imagine your relationships being better than ever?


The foundation work includes:

  • Shifting your relationship with self.

  • Knowing what you want/need.

  • Communicating clear intentions.

  • Listening/hearing other’s wants/needs.

  • Understanding “how to” find resolution more effectively.

Invest in the 90-Day Relation-shift Program and you gain:

  • Improved communication both for self and in relationship.

  • Increased confidence.

  • Quality relationship interactions.

  • Problem resolution.

  • Deeper compassion, kindness, and understanding.

At completion of program, you’ve discovered the challenges that have held you back from achieving the relationships that you want and have a skill set going forward.

Package Includes:

  • Six 60-minute individual Relation-shift Breakthrough coaching sessions.

  • Three 2-hour joint sessions which explores family dynamics, behaviors and patterns.

  • Two 30-minute “Help me. I am stuck” sessions at your discretion.

  • Telephone and/or email support up to 15 minutes.

  • Homework for inner growth and deeper exploration.

  • Unlocking the Invisible Child Book (PDF version) Sharing the inspirational story exemplifying transformational healing.

 Doorway to…


Are You ready to take your breakthrough and make it into a lifestyle practice?


This next level includes:

  • Opportunity to dive into the core of your original wounds.

  • Transmuting old wounds into healing opportunities.

  • Identifying and letting go of past fear keeping you stuck.

  • Changing your underlying belief patterns.

  • Living life seeing through the eyes of positivity and possibility.

Invest in the 6-Month Coaching Program and you will gain:

  • Strategies to shift your life by changing your attitude.

  • Immediate identification of childhood traumas by going straight to source.

  • Understanding of the underlying belief patterns that remain restricting and constrictive.

  • New skills to see your world through fearless eyes.

  • Tools to connect the dots between your physical and emotional body to free up all dis-ease.

  • A brand new identity of self that will catapult you to a successful, fulfilling life.

Package Includes:

  • Two 60-minutes sessions per month for 6-months.

  • 2- hour Comprehensive Soul Memory Discovery Healing Intervention.

  • Three 30-minute “Help me, I’m Stuck" sessions to give immediate attention to where you are feeling stuck or pinged.

  • Homework for inner growth and deeper exploration and a Breakthrough Reflections Workbook for journaling/processing.

"I discovered Laura Mayer and her healing story in November of 2014 while looking for my own healing opportunity. I had a non curable illness known as Erythromelalgia, and I wanted to be free of it. After reading Laura's book, I spoke with her to discuss possibly working with her. During that first phone call, Laura asked me about what had happened at age three.After serious consideration, I began working with Laura. It was astounding how many feelings would be released and when I was fascinated by how spot on she was which helped remove my blocks. As I removed areas of heaviness, lightness filled me. My fear was replaced with love, hope, and intention. With her help and guidance, I experienced huge shifts and got back to participating in life again. It was exhilarating! I am forever grateful for her and for our work together."~Melinda, NC

Doorway to…

Premiere Packages

 Are you ready to commit to the journey and open widely to Your greatest possibility?

Your choice is based upon your personal readiness, willingness and most of all, your courage to listen to your soul calling. Jump in gently with one foot or boldly with two. Both programs provide the opening for you to heal your heart and transcend your life.

The Courtyard

The Courtyard

3-Day Intensive VIP Retreat

at The Healing Sanctuary in Beautiful Arizona

The Healing Hacienda!

The Healing Hacienda!

  • Four 60-minute intuitive coaching sessions to set the stage for our VIP retreat providing insightful and intuitive support.

  • Six hour intensive coaching per day while at retreat.

  • Two 15-minute “On Demand” phone consults to provide additional support in between sessions.

  • Soul Memory Discovery processes to support your expansion.. SMD is a healing modality that facilitates the release of old energy and belief patterns held in our cellular make-up from this lifetime, in between lifetimes and past life times.

  • Breakthrough Reflections Workbook to assist you to tract and record your progress.

  • Teaching of Audacious Attitude Adjustment© specific to issues that pop up during each session which will adjust your attitude in a heart beat to a positive energy instead of stuck energy. You will be encouraged to become a Kickass Attitude Adjuster

  • BONUS: PDF of Unlocking the Invisible Child to share the inspirational story that exemplifies the transformation from success with misery to success with joy, peace and purpose.

  • BONUS: The companion workbook, Invisible Child Audacious Adult is a practical hands-on tool that we work with during the 3-Day

Retreat Includes: Private guest room & bath, 3-meals per day with snacks, opportunity for desert walks/mountain hikes, transportation to/from Tucson International Airport.


3-Day Intensive VIP Retreat PLUS 6-Month Coaching Program.

Includes everything outlined in the above sections:

  • 6-month coaching program


Beautiful Arizona

Beautiful Arizona

Expansion Within and Without

Expansion Within and Without

“During the 3-Day Intensive Retreat I became aware of the external distractions I hold onto as protective measures.  I learned to nurture and assure my inner child she is loved, lovable, seen, worthy and safe.  I was given tools to assist me to show up and see with eyes wide open. I am filled with gratitude and love for the gentle shifts that have happened to bring me to a place of beginning awareness in order to get into my body and move forward with love. I am grateful for these three days of being seen and heard and knowing I am safe to heal and live my life.”  ~Denise, AZ

“Spending an intensive retreat weekend with Laura launched my healing into a completely new dimension. Our "work" was magical and transformative, and brought me a deeper, personal sense of integrity, hope, and inner freedom.” 
~Linda Cooper, VA

“My amazing Laura, this retreat was everything I needed and wanted. I found the answers to what was important for me to manifest my destiny and dreams. I love that you not only talk your talk but walk your walk! That is as true as true can be and I thank you from my heart for helping me discover the same within. I am back home and want you to know I am having the most joyous day feeling absolutely divine thanks to my new found essence of what you have instilled in me." 

~Jessica K., FLA




It starts when you say yes to changing your life and step into the audacious vibrant passionate self you came here to be!