What can your life become when you are free from the things that hold you back? 

Can you Imagine your life without fear or judgment?

How would you feel if you met your most audacious self–vibrant, dynamic, open hearted–flowing with purpose and power, ready to take on the world?

Laura Mayer is ready to show you the open doors that surround you, and give you the key to your freedom!


  Spend 3 days with Laura in private retreat at her home in Tucson, Arizona where you will accelerate and celebrate your Audacious Life!

“I once said to my beloved teacher, David Cooper, “If I go any deeper I will come out the other side.”
He replied, “Good.”

My invitation for you is to have such a profound experience.

This is a PERSONALIZED ONE-to-ONE INTENSIVE to delve deep into the core issues that continue to hold you in abeyance of living an audacious life.  

This 3-DAY INTENSIVE offers you an opportunity to learn from Laura’s deep intuitive guidance and wisdom gained from 25 years as a leader in the field of occupational therapy. Laura offers an invitation to sit in silence and be in the flow while wrapped in the gentleness of her healing presence.

Be prepared! The path to embodying your audacious spirit is not an easy walk, but this deep work will leave you with renewed energy and opportunities blooming like spring flowers basking in the sun. Although this work takes courage—change isn’t easy—it is a miraculous process. Laura has walked this path herself and is ready to share her truth with you.

Three days with Laura will bring you potential, purpose, and the solutions you need to stay on track, find your own voice, speak your truth, and walk an honest path through the doorway to your AUDACIOUS life.

This retreat offers a healthy balance between solo time and "Laura time." Space is provided for pausing, processing, and reflecting throughout the 3-day period.


Investment includes 3 Days (additional day by request). Includes private room (with bath), meals and snacks, an opportunity for desert walks/mountain hikes in beautiful Arizona, and transportation to/from Tucson airport.  Contact Laura for price details.

“During the 3-Day Intensive Retreat I became aware of the external distractions I hold onto as protective measures.  I learned to nurture and assure my inner child she is loved, lovable, seen, worthy and safe.  I was given tools to assist me to show up and see with eyes wide open. I am filled with gratitude and love for the gentle shifts that have happened to bring me to a place of beginning awareness in order to get into my body and move forward with love. I am grateful for these three days of being seen and heard and knowing I am safe to heal and live my life.”  
                                                                                                             ~Denise, AZ 

“Spending an intensive retreat weekend with Laura launched my healing into a completely new dimension. Our "work" was magical and transformative, and brought me a deeper, personal sense of integrity, hope, and inner freedom.” 
~Linda Cooper, VA

“My amazing Laura, this retreat was everything I needed and wanted. I found the answers to what was important for me to manifest my destiny and dreams. I love that you not only talk your talk but walk your walk! That is as true as true can be and I thank you from my heart for helping me discover the same within. I am back home and want you to know I am having the most joyous day feeling absolutely divine thanks to my new found essence of what you have instilled in me."

~Jessica K., FLA