“When I dropped the story I completely transcended any physical, emotional, 
and spiritual dis-ease I had been carrying.”  ~Laura Mayer


Doorway to an Audacious Life Workshop 

The workshop empowers you to become a Kickass Attitude Adjuster© aND bring you into alignment with your audacious self.  

You will move to a place of loving yourself and witness your entire life change for the better, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

As you step forward uncovering old wounds and energetic blocks–discover truth–and recover your essence, you your attitude shifts and you gain greater insight and potential. You learn to open your heart and find solution and purpose.  

I promise you, it will be the rise of your life. That’s what being audacious looks like. 

Through written and verbal exercises, individual and group experiences, channeled messages and intuitive guidance, you will uncover core beliefs that continue to wreak havoc in your heart.

Laura shares her personal triumph how she healed both physical and emotional trauma by making Audacious Attitude Adjustments every day of her life which led completely transformed her life.  Her gift, wisdom and attitude will guide you to do the same. 

At the conclusion of this workshop you’ll have tools and solutions to step into your audacious life so you may enliven your life with passion and joy as you walk the talk of a Kickass Attitude Adjuster.  

Workbook Included.