What happens when we meet someone and instantly the connection is so intense it feels as if we have known each other for lifetimes? It feels easy, so right. Your share your deepest thoughts and everything else seems to stop as you step into an amazing flow of grace. You relate to one another as mirrors. You feel loved and safe. Your words and feelings are strong. Can this be real?

For those of us connected to the spiritual world we believe we meet our beloved friends and partners in the quantum field. Where else would we meet someone? Isn’t that where high vibrational people meet? I have been told for years I will meet my beloved in the quantum field-there is nothing I have to do-just continue to show up, do my work and he will find me.

As sweet as that might seem we must always ask ourselves, “Is the relationship grounded in reality?” If it is not, than it’s not real.

So how do we know the difference?

Let me pass along a story that someone shared with me. This person recently met a man who believed immediately that he was her beloved partner and they were meant to be together. He was a scientist, a teacher, and by anyone standards, a very grounded human being. She was a very spiritually awake woman. The intensity was high and promises were made. The ease and grace in which they related felt real. It was exciting but it didn’t take long for the ball to drop.

I sit here and wonder, what are the red flags in this thinking or belief system? How can we stay open while staying in discernment? As high vibrational people we are accustomed to being awestruck by the beautiful souls we meet. We attract that to us.

My answer to this is stay grounded. Keep your feet planted securely on the ground. If it is real-it will remain in grace and flow. If it requires any amount of pushing or pulling your personality is getting the better of you.

Stay awake and aware. Trust the deepest part of you. You are your most sacred teacher and guide.