Ask yourself this very important question, “Am I an active participant in my own healing process?” Do I expect, desire, pray someone else will find the answers for me? Is it my choice to evolve into fullness or someone else’s? Who decides who and what I am to be? This does not mean we don’t seek council, support, guidance-it simply means we don’t expect someone else to do our work. Are you willing to take this responsibility upon yourself and show up?

Many of us continue to carry around limiting belief patterns that we received in our childhood, our youth, keeping us from moving ahead, taking the leap of faith in true knowing we can be something other than how we were scripted to be. It’s our choice.

What are the limited beliefs you still carry? How do they serve you in your ongoing process/spiritual evolution?  Bruce Lipton, Ph.D, speaks to this when he states, “change your beliefs, change your biology.”

Simply place your hands on your solar plexus(stomach region.) Take a dep breath and release. Ask yourself, “Where am I holding pain, guilt, shame, sadness.” See what comes up. Give yourself permission to feel, feel, feel your re-action. This is deep cathartic work if you allow it to be. The more you allow to surface-the more you will release.

Once we identify what our limiting belief patterns are we can then see it as a grand opportunity to work through it. We then  choose to  “do the work” required to evolve and develop new belief patterns that serve us NOW.  These limiting beliefs are stuck in our cellular make-up. It’s time to remove all obstacles in our  way and step into our highest potential. That’s showing up!