Ten years ago I said Yes to healing!

I never realized the healing became possible because I said yes to being audacious and never ever gave up. I basically made one Audacious Attitude Adjustment after another and transformed the invisible child into an audacious adult. 
One baby step after another I set into motion the new person I would become as I healed my heart and body. 

I am no longer beholden to the anger, pain and frustration that I held so deeply in my e-motions and motions. 

Today I bring this gift to you so you may transcend any residual negativity and shift into clear positive attitude, which will provide solutions to open the doorway to your audacious life.

Audacious Attitude Adjustments will change your life.
 One small step~One simple solution at a time.

An Audacious Attitude Adjustment takes one thoughtful second.

So here we go:
When you wake up in the morning and find yourself preoccupied with familiar script (feeling sad, broken, confused, angry, hurt) take a moment and ask yourself what it would take for you to shift into a positive mindset. 

The solution is in the conscious shift held in your mental thought patterns! Your body will respond when your low energy shifts into higher energy. Our body never lies.

•    Identify your thought pattern and then in one second ask yourself how you uplift this thinking. 

•    Make one AAA so you are no longer sitting in the muck, but rather sitting in the power of an enlivened or uplifted you.  

Here’s an example of the process.
“I’m so tired of feeling alone TO I wonder what amazing possibilities will occur today, who I might meet, and what will transpire. I will listen closely for the messages I am to receive.”

This is where trust comes in. When you have this conversation  give yourself the permission to feel fine and guess what, you are! All of a sudden you feel uplifted. 

It’s quick. Easy. Victorious.  Remember NO story…. 

The bottom line is you're having a dialogue between your personality self and higher consciousness. Let your “knowing self” become your guide. We all have a personality self and we always will. It’s time to honor our humanness and allow the positive energy to be set into motion rather than the heavy, lower energies.

Remember positive energy feeds ourbody-our heart-our soul. 

What is your AAA for today? Make it part of your morning practice. 
Most of all remember to have fun and make this a "lightening up" experience...... a high-energy statement.