It’s been a few months since I published a newsletter and for that I apologize. On a personal note I will share these past two months have been a time of transition and quieting. In that quieting, I gave myself permission to open, surrender and allow on a whole new level.

I’m delighted to share with each turn of the tide I feel more aligned and deeply engaged in the is-ness process. I continue to go deeper and deeper into the truth of who I am.  Each time I go deeper I am grateful for yet another opportunity to open widely and receive the messages I am to hear.

I’ve also realized in the past six months since I landed at the Healing Sanctuary (name for my home in AZ), I’ve allowed myself to flow in a deeper river and honor what it really means to listen to ones higher knowing, even when I’m clueless as to the why.

In an allowing place of no more digging for mental-mind rationalizations, I made the choice to say yes to AZ.  With that being said it took six months to really feel it is home.

As Philip Philips sings I’m gonna make this place my home and that IS what I have done.  (I invite you to have some fun and listen to my advert on Harmony Radio)

I titled the name of this blog Heart Centered-Purpose Driven. In the past two months there has been a shift in how I am to show up.  Maybe it’s just a title. Maybe it’s an energetic shift that reflects my own integration. Whatever it is-it makes me makes me smile widely.

I am calling this the Trinity of My Hearts Desire.

I am OT for the SOUL: Bridging (Clinical) Knowledge, (Spiritual) Wisdom, (Body of) Proof into a weave that provides the vessel I am to show up in the totality of my-SELF and my experiences. It feels good.

I am heart centered-purpose driven.

How do you show up in the totality of all your experiences? How would you describe you, your purpose, and your heart’s desire?  Are you heart centered and purpose driven?

Who are you? Are you living the fullness of you?

How do you share the gift of you with others?

These are life affirming important questions to ask yourself.  When answered from the heart will make you smile widely.

I invite everyone to listen to the Heal for Real Show with me on Harmony Radio every Wednesday at 7 pm EST and once monthly to Authentic You TV when I am honored to speak and share the wisdom gained on Transmute, Transcend Transform.  Additional information at

Join in the fun, call in, email in, Skype in and open yourself widely to exploring you.

I’m already excited about my next Newletter.  I will be sharing with you what it feels like to look back on a decade that transformed my life.  It was 10 years ago, in May of 2005, I said YES!