I trust you’re enjoying your summer.  It is hot in sunny Arizona, but believe it or not, it’s not too bad. How quickly I’ve acclimated to the hotter temperatures of the southwest.

I woke up this morning and received the message, “Its time for me to just be”

For some reason, that which I am not fully privy to, I continue to receive the message to do nothing and rest, it appears that my job right now is to allow, allow, allow. I have been guided to actually do very little, if anything at all. I hear my inner voice, as well as from channeled messages from others, telling me over and over it’s time to rest.

 So guess what -I AM listening and I AM resting.

I am wondering if anyone else is feeling this way!

I have been on a cathartic roller coaster ride the past few months. It’s taking me in and out, through the rivers and valleys, up the mountains and back down again. This time I am speaking metaphorically.   It has brought me to a place of depth-even deeper than I knew into my own personal healing process, uncovering, discovering quieting, noticing. Sometimes I wondered is this what life is?  Am I simply to become quieter so the wisdom can come through?

I am setting intentions and allowing the wind to carry them to where they’re meant to land.  Sometimes ‘doing’ nothing is exactly what you’re meant to be doing. Doing nothing, quote, unquote, is allowing yourself to open widely to hear the messages spirit would like to bring you.

As I am doing nothing I am actually doing a lot of something.

In my quiet, I sit in nature and watch the birds, the wind, the rain and all that is happening in this very peace-filled corner I call my healing sanctuary.  I take in the beauty around me and it fills my heart and soul with such peace and gratitude.  My spirit wanders and I simply receive. I no longer look for ways to do this or that.  I trust spirit will bring me all that I require as a healer and a person who is energetically aligned with who I am.  I never knew that being quiet could be so easy. Years ago in my first silent meditation retreat I thought I was going crazy because I was so used to talking and being engaged with others. Back then I learned how important it is to quiet.  Now, almost 14 years later I get it and it’s no longer a struggle. I love, love, love the inner peace that quieting provides.

Because I have clients and deadlines I am doing something-but I am taking a mini vacation from promoting myself or desiring to make something happen.  What is happening is happening because I’m open and allowing whatever is meant to happen. It is divine timing-not mine. And guess what’s happening? Yes you’re right. There have been more synchronicities and happenings then when I went looking for them. How perfect is our Universe.  How perfect. I keep getting taught repeatedly, I don’t need to get in the way, and the Universe will handle it all. And we know the Universe keeps its promise to those who are willing to believe, trust and surrender.

Thank you Universe for the feedback and confirmation.

Are you able to allow yourself to quiet, listen and allow? If not what prevents you from that space.  Are you willing to be in the space between the space-where the healing happens?

We are so conditioned to be busy and loud and out there…..when actually true wisdom only comes when we are in our quiet.  A friend the other day shared with me how difficult it was for her to be alone and she is always looking for friends to do something with.  I wonder if she truly enjoys her own company and loves/accepts/cherishes herself? Have you asked yourself why is it difficult to be alone-sometimes?  I’m not suggesting that we be alone just that we are aware if it is indeed difficult to be alone.

Do you quiet enough to listen deeply to the messages spirit wants to share? How does it feel to be with your self without distraction?

In reflection I’m quietly amused by how much I’m truly enjoying simply laying low and receivingthe blessings.

On that note, I wish everyone a blessed summer and enjoy the journey wherever the wind takes you!  In August the wind is landing me in Hawaii. I know I am being guided there.  I’m excited to feel the energy and see how it resonate with me.

See you in September.