I hope everyone had a wonderful summer and ready for what is ahead as we turn the corner of the last part of 2014. Hard to believe it’s almost October.

Wow what a seven-week journey I have been on!!  I am grateful for the experiences I have and would like to share some events that shifted my consciousness and awakened me to even more understanding and compassion. Where do I start?

I will start with being vulnerable!

I am speaking about life since I left the east coast just days after my beautiful daughter’s wedding to drive cross-country to set up my new home.

Here I AM!  A REAL home-something I hadn’t had in six years. What do you think was brought to the surface?  All the old fear-based questions.

Do I know what I am doing? Am I living in lala land? Why am I here? Am I nuts?

Normal 3-D questions. In addition I was entering into a new relationship, which would land me in NZ and Australia (in a mere 3 weeks) far from this place I’m now calling home.

New Zealand is a beautiful land. From rolling, lush green hills and valleys with the abundance of sheep, horses and cattle decorating the landscape, to its spectacular seascapes.  From one café to another, I at my daily scone and sipped a short or long black (very different from my normal Starbuck’s routine.)

I found myself saying yes to opportunities that arose offering me a choice to transmute old energies into new, more positive energies. For example, I got up on a horse-A huge event in the life of Laura. The last time I rode a horse I was 20 years old and terrified because I couldn’t hold on enough to feel safe. As I mounted the horse in my anxiety I knew I had to say yes. My knowing spirit fed me enough to say yes, yes, yes to another glorious opportunity to let my cells know all is well.  I walked through the fear and I had fun!

Another experience happened during my very long and taxing 14-hour flight home from Australia. After enduring two-hours of rough turbulence I said to myself, “I can’t do this for another 12!  I absolutely thought I might not land. I was scared. Then I said to my-self, “And what is your choice?” The only choice I had was to walk out of my anxiety.

I asked myself what was the turbulence within?

I went deep because that IS what I do. I recognized there was a part of me that was living in conflict. I acknowledged it- loved it-and said thank you-I get it. After that internal shift, the plane continued to do its dance in the air, but, because I had returned to my center, the anxiety was removed and I let go knowing whatever was going to be-will be.

I walk my talk!  I stay aware and present to every opportunity in complete trust that its part of the healing process even when it’s challenging.  Life is a continual stream of opportunities to face. The only choice we have is how we will face them.

Are you honoring yourself in situations that bring old fears to the surface?

Are you able to ‘go deep enough’ to bring you back to a place of balance?

If not, what would assist you in the process of regaining right alignment?

Next month I will be offering two new programs to jump-start your healing transformation. Stay tuned!

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From my heart to yours,