What does it mean to fit in? And more importantly, what do you want to fit into?

As you hop on the path of authenticity and begin to shed what you've been told, the tendency is to become "that" person who no longer “fits into” old patterns/behaviors with your current circle of friends and yes, even family. You not only don't “fit in,” you find it energetically draining to be engaged in old rhetoric/old paradigm thinking.

Remember, the more authentic you become the less you CAN fit in. That makes me smile :-)

It will also become apparent that finding your new tribe, or circle of friends, is not so easy either.  You might even ask yourself, “ Where are my people." “Where do I belong?”

It’s definitely a double edge sword. You walk away from the old and for a while, you don’t quite fit into any particular space or place. Be patient. Do give up! I promise it will happen!

This is where #Audacity and #Courage to be vibrantly you is most impressive.  Believe in who you are and the choices you're making WILL support your path forward. Your knowing overrides all the rest. You are on divine time now.

Your energy stamp will guide you even when your mind continues to question the process.

And guess what, before you know it, you'll smile and shine deep within when you recognize how your audacious and courageous energy navigated you forward to the places and spaces your heart resonates vibrantly with joy.

Be Audacious and you will be supported mind, body, and spirit<3