The last time I played out the role of “old paradigm mom” was when my son was 17 years old (10 years ago) and applying to colleges. He and I got into a heavy discussion about how many colleges he should apply to. As the mom I wanted him to cover all bases knowing how critical the college experience was. I held my college and graduate school experience in a very high and holy place and based my recommendations on that.

As always my intuitive son was brilliant (star brilliant) and asked me straight on,  “What are you so afraid of?”  At that particular time,  I knew I was headed towards divorce, on disability for my disease and very fearful about my future (this was before my healing) My reply, “I am afraid I will be on the streets with nothing.”

Ben replied, “Don’t you know God knows who you are and that everyone you come in contact with, you heal on some level You will never be on the streets?”

I looked at my son through a stream of tears and told him that he already knows what I have been fervently been learning in my study of manifestation, healing your life, empowerment, trust and Ask and You Will Receive affirmations.

Unbeknownst to me, my son shared how he had visions of walking down the purple halls of SVA and already knew he would be accepted therefore didn’t need to get caught up in applying to other schools. He continued to share how he “sees” the acceptance letter in the mailbox with the schools logo-the big red rose. 

 Two days later the acceptance letter arrived in the mailbox. He knew. He know

I, on the other hand, had to grow into that level of knowing and trust.  Today I get it. Today I look back and revel in the gift of knowing.

Look inside yourself and find the audacious place where you have that knowing. 

Who is the teacher sitting right next to you?

Remember we are so much bigger than what we believe ourselves to be….

I’m grateful for my son's intuitive knowing and guidance. What I was so passionately open to discovering, he already had this awareness in his field of consciousness.

 Have the audacity to find your star brilliance.  

It’s a life changer. A life healer.