So what does it feel like to truly love someone, truly feel the “other” resonate deeply in your soul and yet, at the same time, be fully aware that this is not meant to be a beloved relationship in this lifetime?  The fact is, the feelings I am experiencing are simply an opportunity for completion of a past life journey.  The tug to be with him is stronger than my mind, my logic or common sense. It is an energy that propels me towards completion and my mind does not interfere. Anyone ever experience this phenomenon?

I know a man who resonates deeply in the core of me. It’s not about falling in love-it’s pure unconditional love that I feel for this particular person. It’s been a confusing journey. I know he isn’t my beloved partner (in this lifetime) yet I love him and desire him.  What I am learning is just how powerful past life karma can be as well as how to embrace this beautiful opportunity to complete that which wasn’t completed before. I am taking the time to finish what needs to be finished so I can move on with grace and stay true to my path.  As I continue to be shown clarity, I am better able to “learn and discern”.

In order for me to do this, I must reside completely in “my higher self” otherwise I would personalize the situation, which would cause pain. This is not a journey for the mind, ego or personality! It is a journey for the pure hearted.  It’s not about me or the “other” in this lifetime-it is about the bleed thru from our life together in a previous time.

I have been gifted a grand opportunity to work through unresolved core issues by meeting this man. How grateful am I.

By staying in our microscopic truth we are better able to discern who shows up for resolution-a vehicle for completion- or as our beloved partner in this lifetime. It is all about learning and boy what a learning and healing experience this has been! So much gratitude for that special man who showed up at the perfect time!