I had a wonderful time last night speaking at the Ray of Healing Church in Falls Church VA.The topic was on Witnessing the Joy of Healing: Sitting in a Place of Joy and Gratitude. I spoke about relinquishing past trauma’s and drama’s and allowing one’s self to open to a world of health and wellness. I  shared my personal journey with hopes that it will ignite a spark in someone else to heal whatever pain/suffering that remains deeply imbedded in their cellular makeup.

It’s about listening to the deepest part of your soul. Your soul always knows the truth of who you are. It’s the personality self that gives us trouble and makes life complicated.  It is human nature to experience suffering in our lives. We make decisions based on what we “think” we’re in control of and what we’re not. The reality is we’re in control of everything. You simply have to know you are the co-creator of your life. I had the opportunity of learning this firsthand. Just listen to your heart and follow your inner wisdom and watch grace step in and the path to wellness unfold.