I’m currently witnessing on a daily basis what it means to undergo Stem Cell Transplant with someone very close to me.

Although the process is quite grueling and extensive, I’d like to share with you a lighter moment. One (1) day post transplant, I went to the hospital to visit and noticed two bags and a bottle hanging from the IV pole. I knew it wasn’t the chemotherapy because that part of the regimen was completed before the transplant.

Out of sheer curiosity I asked her what they were. She replied, one bag was an antibiotic, the second an anti-viral and the bottle was an anti-rejection. The anti-rejection liquid is to keep the patient’s cells from rejecting the donor’s cells.

My immediate reaction was, wow, everyone should have one of those at birth and just quietly chuckled to myself.  My mind decided to have some fun. I thought when we are born we are swaddled in a newborn baby blanket, given a cap for our small precious heads and put into a small bassinet.

Wouldn’t it be great if we all had an anti-rejection bottle as well,  possibly warding off any rejection that might come our way!

I wonder where those bottles are sold!!  JK

Neither of us could resist the irony in that.