Definition of trg-ger: a noun-stimulus for change, signal for starting operation. a transitive verb-make something happen, set something in motion


Do you view triggers as a growth opportunity? How do you shift out of your mind and into your heart, sending an invitation to the triggers fostering growth and deeper awareness?

That’s what this blog is about.

I recognize all to well the pain of triggers. Yes, they bring up painful stored memories held deep within our cellular makeup and they rise to the surface for a reason. So be aware and listen. Listen closely to the messages being brought to you.

Oh how peaceful it can be if we were to view EVERY emotional/physical trigger we experience as playing an essential role in our growth and transformation. It’s not whether we are triggered (by people and/or events); it’s what we do with it that counts.

So ask yourself, “What triggers you and how can they assist you along the healing path? How can you learn to view them as openings for deeper learning and wisdom?”

A trigger is a gift, an opportunity, a choice point presented to your soul. How we transmute the energy of TRIGGERS from pain into a positive experience is our choice.


I personally was triggered quite a bit around the portal opening of 11:11:11. No surprise I guess. It’s a time of deeper expansion and awareness, an opening to a harmonious place within, while remaining grounded and entrained as the world spins with a new energy. My trigger was around an old wound of not being appreciated or valued. I trust that each opportunity is simply another chance to go deeper and release whatever fragments of a belief system still remains.  As I released this feeling from my core, I felt an energetic shift occur.

It’s become quite obvious for me (as I have acknowledged in many of my blogs to date) that with each experience or tsunami, swirl, eruption, however you care to label it-always-without fail-brings me to a higher level of awareness. For this I am grateful. For this I welcome in whatever needs to come in so I continue to open wider and wider and live in my highest self.

The morning following this release I woke up feeling a sense of calmness, almost blissfull, and I saw an image of a PAUSE sign in front of me. It was a reminder for me to relax and allow the Universe to provide.

That is exactly what I did. I relaxed.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!