Definition of SEQUELA

1. an aftereffect of disease, condition, or injury

2. a secondary result

Although my hands may have sequela of the physical dis-ease

my heart does not!

It is about the energetic source not the physical manifestation.

I learned the word sequela when I was studying occupational therapy-it’s a medical term.  I have always liked the word-not sure why-but I did. Now I understand.

Today, I look at my arms, my hands, and I’m reminded of a dis-ease which manifested in physical form. I SEE it clearly. I have the sequela of bone fusions and rigged up tendons in my upper extremities as a result of 15 reconstructive tendon transfers. I have atrophied muscles in my lower arms and hands. Everyday I am reminded of what my journey was about.  I’m not sure if this will change as I continue my healing path. I’m not even sure it matters anymore. It use to matter-big time. When I started my healing process all I wanted was to have “normal” hands…..

When I realized the healing was in my heart I dropped the need to have “normal” hands and reveled in the gift of a healed heart.. Nothing else really matters. I know I am healed and perfect just the way I am. There is no hiding, no fear, no intrepidation about being fully present. I AM who I AM and I live in gratitude and joy for the remarkable change that occured in this lifetime-physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The GIFT is to live with a peaceful and joyous heart and truly love the beautiful being you are from the inside-out.