Without a doubt we’re in a time of huge transformation. I personally feel the energy swirling around me, being prompted to stay grounded and centered. Not so easy, is it!  It feels like a roller coaster ride.

I’m witnessing to my own heightened awareness, almost on alert to stay present, clear and centered, as I, once again, move through major changes in my life. In acknowledging and addressing the feelings being triggered, I’m (much quicker than in the past) able to release them from my mind, body and soul. My process is as follows: I feel it; release it through crying, physical activity or sharing with a conscious friend, acknowledge the learning and then thank the Universe for another opportunity to clear and heal.

I’m moving through lots of changes. I’m in the midst of finalizing my book, Unlocking the Invisible Child: A Journey from Heartbreak to Bliss, as my mother begins a stem cell transplant for her cancer. These experiences are triggering me, bringing feelings to the surface for my attention: My history, my relationships, where am I to live, and with whom I am to be with, are all up in the air. Only the Universe knows for sure. I certainly do not.

So I sit in that “uncertainty” and once again recognize that all I can do is reside in a place of complete trust. Isn’t that my new way of life. I KNOW the Universe knows for sure and that inner knowing reassures me that all is well.

I am not alone. Many of us are shifting into a higher place- a place that feels unknown and unpredictable. It’s a leap of faith putting our hands into the hands of the Universes’ and release the temptation to know the details of the future. Of course, by staying present, opening and doing our share of the work, we are sending the message to the Universe, “Yes, we understand our life plan, and we’re on board.”

When I see clients I hear their concerns, their plea to heal and to release their baggage.  We all have baggage. It’s takes a courageous person to recognize that baggage needs to be released. I honor each of you as you journey through this process. It’s in that very knowing that shift happens. Never underestimate your level of awareness.


With 2011 coming to an end and as we bring in 2012, may we remember to stay focused on our heart’s desire and how we wish to show up in the world.

Ask yourself these heartfelt questions:

Who am I?  What is my soul ‘s purpose? How do I want to live my life, now? What brings me the greatest joy?

I know when I AM in my joy-I bring joy to the world.

What can be better than that!