I hope you are having an exciting summer.

In June I made the decision to follow my heart, pack my car, and drive “from sea to shining sea.” I have witnessed the magnificent terrain of our land driving along RT 70, and later 80, through the winding mountain passes of Colorado, played on salt lakes in Utah, relaxed in the beauty of Lake Tahoe, energized (and hiked) Mt Shasta and walked the beaches of California’s breathtaking seascapes. I have met lovely, spirited people every step of the way. Everyday I sit in gratitude for my courage to listen to my inner voice.

My heart is filled with joy and I’m delighted to share my adventures and learning with you as the months go on.


I wanted to send out a quick email to let you know of a couple of opportunities to hear me speak.

I am so excited to be a guest speaker at the MiracleMindFest TeleSummit 2013. Simone Salmon, founder of MiracleMindFest, has been the host to incredible spiritual practitioners sharing their extraordinary passion for creating miracles and consciously committing to a constant state of mindfulness. Their practical advice is easy to apply in your OWN Life! And the exciting news is that you’ll be able to listen to these amazing interviews for FREE!!

I am honored to be amongst so many illuminated and gifted authors, healers, and speakers. Please join me with host and visionary Simone Salmon Tuesday, August 20th, 8:00 p.m. EST. Included will be a promotional package to assist you on your journey to health and wellness. Click here to sign up and get more detailswww.miraclemindfest.com.

And on September 4th at 8:00 p.m. EST I will be hosting a FREE teleclass on

What it Means to Heal for Real™

Come explore what it means to show up and Heal for Real™
Do you know what your healing potential is?
Are you ready to find out what’s blocking you from attaining your highest potential?

Thankfully, after eighteen surgeries and forty years of dis-ease I HEALED my HEART which opened up space to HEAL my BODY, MIND and SOUL. Today I offer the wisdom and lessons I learned along the way to you with humility, gentleness and grace.

My greatest joy is to be of service to people like you on your healing journey. You do not have to do this alone! Healing is a process and a commitment. This teleclass will provide tools to empower you to step-up-to-the-plate and live a life of joy and wellness.

Through intuitive guidance and channeled messages, individually and collectively, we’ll begin to explore what healing looks like for you and jump-start your process of discovery and recovery.

Click here to find out all the details.

Again, both of the teleclasses are free and recordings will be available if you sign up and for whatever reason cannot make the class live.

If either of these events resonates with you I highly encourage to take the step and sign up. As they say, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

I look forward to connecting with you on the calls or however the universe brings us together.