The Buddhist tradition teaches us that pain is a human response and suffering is voluntary. I always liked that explanation. I’ve learned through my own healing process what that looks like. Years ago I made a conscious decision not to suffer. I always knew that I would experience pain as long as I am living in a human body. It’s suffering that is our choice.  Today as I witness traumatic events in my personal life and on a global and level, I always remind myself it’s my choice. In these situations the gift is to respond as a witness, not a victim. Many times it feels like a very fine line when the person is your parent, child or beloved who is in crises.

In the past few weeks I have witnessed unsettling events with the closest people in my life, my parents and my child.  At times I’ve surprised myself with my ability to stay grounded while coping with multiple stressors at the same time.

Everyday I thank God I had the courage to heal my woundedness because in the past I would have been crying or screaming, or both. Today, I stay in my compassion and understanding that this is about them not me. I stay in a place of grace and offer my support with boundaries and a sense of clarity I did not have in the past. I feel the strength within-guiding, holding, supporting me.

Love hurts. People we love go through traumas and dramas and we it is for us to remain centered while recognizing the drama unfolding around us. I liken it to a tornado that just spirals out of control as we remain in entrainment.

People who have had sessions or attended workshops with me know I strongly believe we can only change ourselves. It’s not our responsibility to change anyone else. That is my belief.  Often when we shift our consciousness those around us shift as well. It’s the energy thing-similar vibration etc. The reality is sometimes they don’t and that’s okay too. It’s their choice.The key is not to take it personally and to get out of your way and their way, energetically speaking. Loving and honoring someone doesn’t mean we go in and take over, it means we love unconditionally and honor their needs and desires.

 I sit in deep trust that what is happening is happening for a reason. 

I ask myself, “What is it I am to do and how am I to show up to assist them in their time of need?  I observe, if and when, I am being triggered and allow myself the space to become clear and realign.

I stay centered and balanced so I can show up for them.

My blessing and prayer for everyone who may be experiencing trauma or crises in their life or in the life of their loved you is to remember to stay centered, reside in your deepest knowing and trust you are being supported by the Universe.