What is your healing potential?

Po-ten-tial (adjective) possible act as yet not actual. expressing possibility. (noun) capacity for development.

Does everyone have the potential to heal?  My answer is yes! yes! yes!

Everyone has the potential to heal as they are meant to in this lifetime. Healing might look very different from what you think so let go of the outcome and simply trust the process.

Recently I spoke with someone I have known my whole life who is quote, unquote, suffering in deep physical, spiritual and mental pain. I feel it! It’s palpable. He sits in a place of deep anger and betrayal from self and other. When I approach him with seeing through different eyes and being desirous of a better life he says he doesn’t know how.

In this particular conversation when we broached the topic of healing he said something I never heard before-he said in a rather loud and determined voice,

 ”I don’t have the switch to heal the way you did.”

 I heard him and felt his intention. Clearly this IS his belief system. This IS his statement to the Universe. I don’t have the switch to turn on and off that will heal me. That is quite a proclamation of intention. Either he carries deep within himself a belief that he has doesn’t have the power to affect change or he just wants to remain in pain and suffering. It’s a personal choice-every time.

I never thought of it as a switch! 

 We are the only ones that can make the decision to go from illness to wellness, from surviving to thriving. In that decision we consciously agree to relinquish old beliefs that no longer serve us. We trust we are able to rewrite the script and develop new beliefs-ones that are aligned with the truth of who we are.

I’m not sure about the switch idea. On a vibrational energetic level when I say those words I feel as if I am giving my power away! I know from my own experience it takes determination, patience, trust and perseverance. It takes just about every morsel of strength you have to muster up the energy and hold on. Most of all it takes loving yourself enough. It takes faith and surrendering to something bigger than you and it requires you to get out of your own way!

In order to change you must be open and make the commitment to step outside yourself while entertaining the vast arena of possibility. This person has made the choice to remain a victim and be in sorrow and uneasiness.

Let’s try something. For a few days trust you have the courage to step outside your-self. Be a witness to your actions and re-actions without judgment. You can only effect change when you become more reflective and aware of who you are. After a while you begin to sense a shifting within, slow and steady, which alerts you and your cells that change is occurring.

 It’s really not about switches, cures or even popping a pill. Nothing can magically take away deep sorrow, depression, insecurities and hopelessness. It’s about deep clearing and that takes time.

When I look back at my own life when I was deeply emerged in the medical world I desperately wanted a cure, a magic pill-anything to take my reality away. I approached every surgery with hope that this one will be different and set me free from my physical dis-ease. In my psychotherapy sessions I prayed the next deep insight would be the one to bring hope and joy into my life and make me a happier person. I wanted change. I wanted results. I wanted anything that promised to take away the dis-ease running havoc in my body mind and soul.

The most important thing I’ve learned  on my spiritual journey is it always comes from within………. Nothing ‘out there’ is going to do it for me. If, and when, my friend makes the decision to take control and change his world it will shift.

 It’s when the willingness to heal far out powers the need to stay stuck.

 Ask yourself,

Are you worthy of changing and reaching your greatest potential?

Are you willing to do the work?’