We stay because leaving is lonely.
We stay frozen in places; spaces and relationships that no longer serve us-no longer fit our blueprint.

We choose to stay even when we know in our core it’s time to leave.
We stay a little longer, just a little longer, because leaving is lonely.

On an unconscious level we feed our loneliness and confusion because we cannot fathom that life will bring us something greater than our current situation. This underlying belief system keeps us in abeyance as we continue to stand in old fears, terrified to let go and move on. Moving on requires a deep trust in SELF and the Universe. It means being honest with what really matters.
In the past when I would challenge my current situation, my mother would comment, “At least you know what you have. You have no idea what is out there.” Wow, if that isn’t old paradigm thinking, what is?

Better to stay with what is than trust there’s something greater to be discovered.
We hold on, bargain with the Universe/God and hope we’ve made the right decision. We pray our choices will lead to a healthier and wiser existence.

This pattern continues until we gain enough clarity through introspection, meditation, going inside our SELVES to witness the bigger picture. That is when we begin to recognize that our ‘stuck-ness’ is a result of being caught up in old beliefs. The most important piece (peace) of any healing journey is to stay true to self. We cannot walk away from who we are-we can only walk away from our current environment if it no longer feeds us. It’s when we truly show up in our highest knowing that we make decisions based on inner strength and not fear.

We walk away even if we are comfortable in our discomfort!

So how do we stay in that place of knowing when the feeling of loneliness/being alone creeps in? How do we make the right decision so it doesn’t bring you to a new level of fear? Are we willing to say goodbye to a life that is not expansive? Are we able to remain in a place where we're not living our hearts desire?

We gather up our courage to make a conscious decision and  open widely to a life that promises greater potential, greater expansion in our heart and soul. We simply show up in our greatness and re-align our-SELF.

How do we know for sure that we’ve made the right decision? We don’t. There’s no security, no guarantee. There’s simply sitting in a gut knowing, a gut feeling and trust both in one-SELF and in the Universe that our soul (sole) purpose will be supported as we take the steppings. The Universal energy supports our deepest knowing. So stay true to self and join the partnership.
When we get derailed (a human experience) we question decisions we’ve made over and over again until one day we simply stop questioning. It’s in that aha moment we simply know we are all right.

That’s when you know you sit in right-alignment.

Ask yourself, “Do I sit in right alignment? If not, what is getting in my way of my being in right alignment?Courage to love yourself enough is the basis for all transformation. I sit and welcome this energy daily. Only in this space will I continue to heal and expand the truth of who I am.