Each one of us has the potential to heal into wellness! 
This is a huge proclamation and, personally speaking, I know this to be true. After being diagnosed at the age of fourteen, undergoing eighteen surgeries, and forty years of a disabling neurological disease, I stepped out of the medical box. I opened, instead, to the world of spirituality, metaphysics, and alternative healing modalities. Today, not only have I transcended the physical manifestation of the dis-ease, I healed at the core in my heart. If I can do it, so can you. It's all about saying yes to our healing potential.

Let's begin by asking ourselves some important questions. "Do I desire to heal? What does wellness mean to me? Is there a dis-ease or dis-comfort that permeates my heart and soul holding me in abeyance? Am I willing to do the deep soul-filled work necessary to heal into wellness?" 
Acknowledging this, we open ourselves to the opportunity to heal into wellness when:

1. We learn to believe we are responsible for our highest and best. We begin to trust in the unknown forces of nature, the energy field, and quantum physics. In that space, we allow the flow of grace to nurture and guide us.

2. We understand that healing requires vulnerability,
awareness, persistence, gratitude, and faith. It stems from a deep belief that we are meant to be alive and well. As we begin the process of releasing stored belief patterns in our DNA we begin to rewrite our story and our cells in time transform. As Bruce Lipton says, "Change your beliefs, change your biology. That's what we do. We rewrite our biology.

When we adopt a new belief system, our entire being starts to shift into wellness. Learning to "let go" allows our heart to be guided by intuition and grace, not by mind/ego, which are, for the most part, driven by fear, deep sadness and a primordial sense of not belonging. Slowly and steadily, we begin to unlock our self from the only existence we've know and begin to vision a new life, filled with joy and acceptance.

3. We "walk the talk" every day and live in a place were healing matters, and we matter. That's when we're in the perfect energetic position for divine healing to occur. The seeker within emerges as we open widely to higher wisdom, purpose and passion providing our self with the greatest nurturing in our lifetime. We recognize there is no going back and we become the ever-ready-battery for further learning and exploration. We are unstoppable.

4. We have the courage to do a deep excavation of the soul, which is required for complete transcendence to occur in this lifetime by identifying the original source of our heartache.

Many times we live life needing to believe the cause of our dis-comfort is based on a current life situation, such as marriage, job, relationship, children, or our parents. We feel these situations contribute to, or continue to be, the root cause of our sadness and dis-ease. The fact is we are merely playing out a recapitulation of a childhood wound that remains locked in our cellular makeup.

Recapitulation is a psychological term to describe the repetitive nature of an event that occurs over and over again until the pattern is resolved. As young children, we do not have a 'say' in the decision-making process, traditionally made by the adults. Through our childhood sensory system, what we learn is what we hold in our cells. If there is trauma, drama or upset that doesn't resonate with our "authentic self" our cells, and our memories recognize that something is off.

When we grow into adulthood, we automatically repeat these patterns as our way of self-correcting. This explains why many children of alcoholics marry alcoholics and co-dependents marry other co-dependents. The pattern is set. We continue to play the scenario out in a desperate attempt to clear the wounds from our childhood.

As we mature with grace and gratitude, we are able to acknowledge the manifested dis-ease or dis-comfort. We can accept it in our present lifetime as a grand posturing from our heart/soul confusion, held deeply in our energetic core, to be brought to the surface for transmutation. We KNOW in our solar plexus, the seat of the soul, the energy-story had to be played out as part of our spiritual evolution. For this, we may enter a state of gratitude and grace.

"A dis-ease of any kind may be exactly what we have been asking for: a wake-up call to action."