WE ARE ALL WOUNDED to one degree or another. What a relief! You're not any more special then I and I am not any more special than you. In proclaiming this theory, let's speak to the issue that we also all have the opportunity to shift from wounded to grounded/illness to wellness, if you believe you are your greatest asset and resource. When you uncover, discover and recover all that was, and open to all that is,  the space to manifest the life you desire will happen. If, and this is a big if, you agree to take simple baby steps daily.

Are you ready for the ride of your life? Just say yes.

And here begins the journey of profound transformation and growth. Are you ready for the ride of your life? Is there actually a choice here? What thoughts immediately popped into your head as you read the question?

Many will be overwhelmed with terror by the prospect that you can actually view this process as exciting, gift giving and allowing. Others of you will cherish the opportunity to understand what is means to take your life into your own hands and construct the life you truly wish for. It's about taking the plunge to shift your awareness and beliefs about your existence and transmute past stories to new realities, one baby step at a time.

Remember as you embark on this courageous adventure your cellular blueprint, your energetic body’s receiving the message that you're indeed willing and excited to take this forward action and literally alter the blueprint of your life. Keep in mind, please, there are no back alleys, express trains, magic carpet rides. What there is, instead is the daily practice of putting one foot in front of the other. Remember the happy side (of the shadow side) of wounded is we all have the “privilege” to "work it through" and enjoy a happy, successful and free self, from the inside out. 

Can you see the glory in all this? Can you feel the energetic tingle flooding through your marrow?

I can and hope you do too!

Energetic baby steps:

Show up in your greatest REAL.

Be grateful.

Be passionate.


Now feel into your body after you said and felt those words penetrate within the core of your body-soul.

Ahhh what a magnificent place to start. CELLebrate you by giving yourself a wrap (Take your arms and hug yourself as deeply and completely as your arms permit. 

From my heart to yours,

Sharing your truth through commentary always welcomed.