I came across an interview conducted a few years back which struck a cord. The truth shared through the inquiry of such ‘spot on’ questions made me realize years later the truth in my answers where organic and timeless. I decided as we enter a new year this would be the perfect opportunity to share.

The MiracleMindFest Global Teleconference

Question # 1. Please share one of your defining Miracle Stories:

LAURA: The most defining moment was when I said yes to healing my body, mind and spirit after ‘suffering’ with a progressive degenerative neurological disease for forty years, enduring eighteen surgeries and receiving a death sentence at the young age of fourteen. The “miracle” began right before my 50th birthday when I proclaimed to the Universe, “I am done. Either I heal or I am out of here.”  That’s when I opened to a new path and my transformation was set into place.

Question # 2. What does miracle-mindset mean for you? How do you define miracle-mindset in your life?

LAURA: Miracle mindset means believing/trusting that the Universe provides opportunities for miraculous life altering events to occur if you are willing to listen, show up and receive.  For me, it was about believing in an energy bigger than me and being guided by that deep knowing.

Question #3. What blocks did you encounter in your journey?

LAURA: Learning patience and relinquishing fear and doubt! At the beginning of my journey I had to constantly remind myself to believe I had the power to change my life and be different. I learned how to discern, not take things personally and listen to my voice-not someone else.

Question #4. How did you recognize these blocks?

LAURA: As I learned to sit back and recognize that life moves on divine time, not mine, the blocks were removed. I learned to look within, witnessing my own behavior and yearnings and recognized that true healing is a process that takes time, no pushing, begging or yearning. I learned what it meant to ‘get out of the way’ and open to grace.

Question #5. Based on your definition of miracle-mindset, do you feel that you accomplished your goals?

LAURA: Absolutely!  I have witnessed the grace of healing from within and I am grateful the process will be an organic journey for the rest of my life. I cherish the learning opportunities set in front of me and have let go of doubt and fear. I reside in the energy of my heart knowing. I completely trust in a divine presence while keeping my feet firmly planted on this earth.

Question #6. Creating a miracle-mindset can be a continuous journey – what goals do you currently have?

LAURA: To continue to show up in grace and gratitude in everything I do. To continue to expand, learn and know I am blessed by the opportunities that arise. To continue to serve others so that they too will know that once you love yourself you can change anything you put your heart to and you will succeed.

Question #7. When looking back at your journey – from where you were then to where you are now – how did you get to where you are now?

LAURA: Because I was suffering from a neurological disease and at a huge crises point in my life my journey was more tangible.  I had to ‘do something.’  My life force was gone. It was when I made the decision to step out of the medical box and open to the world of spirit and metaphysics, that I was given the opportunity to began the work and completely transformed my life. I know the physical manifestation was a result of my heart pain. When my heart healed my body healed.  How did I get here? I opened, listened and got out of my way so spirit could guide me. I worked 24/7 and healed from within.

Question #8. How have you helped others create a miracle-mindset?

LAURA: I show up as an example that miracles will happen if you say yes and do the work!!! My healing process is a gift from the Universe. As an intuitive healer/channel and inspirational speaker, I empower others to have the courage to love them self enough, step up to the plate and heal. I metaphorically ‘hold’ them so they feel safe and not alone. I do this through my SoulDancing Healing Practice and my book, Unlocking the Invisible Child, which is a healing tool for others to assist them along their path.

Question #9. As people are defining miracle-mindset for themselves, what are the top three things they can do?

LAURA: Show up, be aware and present. Listen to your inner knowing without judgment.  Love yourself and trust that you deserve to live the life you so desire. Most importantly, walk your talk and do the work!

Question #10. What resources do you suggest for those deciding to venture on this journey?

LAURA: There are so many resources available today in terms of books, tapes, venues, healers readers etc.  I have one simple answer. Follow your heart-not someone else’s. Learn what resonates with you and trust you will know. Stay open and see this as an opportunity to explore.  You will find the resource you require.

Today the answers would be exactly as they were and will always be the foundation for miraculous transformation and spiritual, physical, emotional and mental growth and wellness.

I invite you to look at how you would answer the same questions. This will assist you in declaring the foundation for your grounded miracle to be set into motion. Have fun and get ready.

Miracles do happen when we say yes to our most amazing path.