with Laura Mayer, MA, OTR

Integrative Therapist * Healing Activator * Medical Intuitive * Author

Are You Ready for A Change?

This presentation is for you if you are....

● Eager to make a KEY difference in your life trajectory?

● Curious to see how past wounds continue to surface in your personal/professional life


● Excited to heal the wounds and live in freedom?

● Committed to identifying your heart’s desire and soul’s purpose to live your life in

freedom and harmony.

Laura’s precise intuition, wisdom, and grace will guide you through this initial process and awaken your

potential for making consistent and satisfying lifestyle and relationship changes. The presentation will

include discussion, reflection, intuitive guidance, and other experiential activities. It is an introductory

session, and the foundation of Laura’s Doorways to Infinite Possibilities series . By the conclusion of

this presentation, you will understand how your healing journey continues with greater clarity and


Thursday, February 21, 2019

7:00 - 9:00 p.m.

Natural Law Apothecary

619 South 600 West, Salt Lake City

Call or text your registration to (914) 772-3917.

Contact Laura via website for pricing and additional information

Opening Doorways to Infinite Possibilities is the heart of Laura’s work. Her personal

story and extraordinary healing offer unique keys for transformation. When Laura was

told in her very first intuitive reading that she was a master teacher/master healer and

would completely heal a 40-year progressive, degenerative disease, she listened.

Ignite yourself.

Expand your possibilities.

Live the life you require and desire.