I am overjoyed to announce that the weather finally dipped below 80 degrees. The next six months will be heavenly.

I would like to wish all my friends and readers a very Happy Thanksgiving Holiday. The leaves have now turned in most places in the US. Although, I sit in my beautiful home in sunny AZ, I’m able to reflect with sweet memories all the years past of this beautiful time of the year.

It is hard to fathom that here we are again, in the last quarter of our calendar, heading toward the winter holidays and into the next year. WOW!

This has been quite the year.

As you know I have had the amazing opportunity to visit “down under,” both New Zealand and Australia. I have revisited Mt. Shasta that continues to be so dear to me. I walked my beautiful baby girl down the aisle to matrimony and said congratulations to my son who finished his college experience. And, as if that wasn’t enough, I found my home within my home in the southwest desert of Arizona.

I said to myself the other day that I am so happy to be here now. I have never felt that so deeply before. I always wondered what was going to happen next week, next month, next year!!! That doesn’t mean I wasn’t allowing and opening to what the Universe had for me-it was just I asked anyway. I recognized the other day that when I said that famous Ram Dass line “Be Here Now” I actually was.

I am home in my-SELF and in my new home!

It doesn’t get more peaceful than that.

I would love to use this forum to say THANK YOU to every person in this world who continues to bring lessons to learn from, joy and blessings into my life.

Last month in my newsletter I alluded to a new program. Well here it is:

Come Spend the Weekend….


And Jump Start your Healing Potential!

Laura Mayer, M.A., OTR, International Author, Healer, Teacher and Inspirational Speaker 

“I once said to my beloved teacher, David Cooper, “If I go any deeper I will come out the other side.” He replied, “Good.”

And so the offering for you is to have such a profound experience.

Two New Opportunities!

1) Personalized One-to-One Intensive OR

2) ‘Deepening Your Healing Circle’ Intensive which includes you and 2 to 3 significant others i.e.: partner/spouse, family, friend etc (max 4 persons per retreat) to play an integral role in the healing process.

The focus will be on both the individual and collective healing tailored to meet the needs of all involved. The same offerings will occur as in the personal, but with the additional focus on group energy and dynamics.

Such a profound experience like this will facilitate and encourage the process of complex healing to occur. Guided by Laura’s integrative approach to healing (bridging clinical expertise and intuitive prowess), Laura takes you to the edge of your comfort zone and inspires you to “take life into your own hands.” It is there you feel joy, inner freedom and serenity. It takes work!!! It’s not just handed to you just because! Love yourself enough and take the step to Heal for Real(tm) in the beautiful healing sanctuary Laura calls home in Tucson, AZ.

What will you experience?

Being fully heard, fully seen and fully present through the venue of a Personal /Healing Circle Intensive. Laura ‘holds the space within the space’ as you journey towards health and wellness of mind, body and spirit. You will begin to experience a shift as you ‘clear the mind and open your heart widely’ to all that you are meant to be, completely conscious of what has kept you in abeyance, the repeated patterns which block you from moving forward on your path.

Personalized Three-Day Intensive Includes:

~3 days-3 nights (weekdays/weekends) example: Friday eve thru Monday mid-morning.

~drawing from the guidance in the workbook, Drop Your Story~Create a New One: A Workshop to Heal Your Life and Soul Memory Discovery.

~an opportunity to dance on desert walks and/or mountain hikes.

~an invitation to sit in complete silence to be, flow, and let go in the gentleness of the healing presence.

~a balance between solo time & “Laura time.” There will be space provided for pausing, processing and reflecting throughout the weekend.

Personalized Intensive 3-day period includes room & board-a beautiful private guest room (with bathroom) meals and snacks, guided desert walks/mountain hikes, transport to/from Tucson airport.

Deepening Your Healing Circle Intensive: Fee per person includes room for two, (arrangement for additional persons to be discussed on an individual basis) meals and snacks, guided desert walks/mountain hikes, and transport to/from Tucson airport as per availability. For additional information regarding fee schedule email me!

In Gratitude and Thanks I share,

~the joy of being invited to be a host on www.radiombsint.com, an international radio show. The show is about MindBody and Spirit. I’m so honored to be part of this amazing community of healers, channels and wisdom holders. My hour, The Healthy Mind~Healthy Body~Healthy Spirit Show, is every Sunday 10:00am MT/7:00pm UK.

SPECIAL INVITE – The Healthy Mind-Healthy Body-Healthy Spirit Show on www.radiombsint.com and share your experience. I am offering 15-minute blocks of time for others to share what healing looks like for you… and with that will receive intuitive guidance from me. Please email or message me a SUNDAY you would be willing to participate. Tell your friends as well.

Also check on the site and enjoy the many FREE GIFTS to choose from.

~ many thanks to Cheryl Jones, host of Good Grief, for inviting me to be a guest on her radio show. The link to the show is below. What fun we had.


Last, but not least, I want to thank Women’s Voices Magazine for inviting me to be a contributing columnist so I may continue to spread the word about taking life into our own hands and transforming your life. My column, Show UP for Your Life (no surprise there) can be found every month at


So, YES, YES, YES what an exciting year this has been and because I AM home inside my home I know this joy will continue. All that’s required is to listen to your heart, remain open to what the Universe knows and stay firmly grounded in the here and now.

Are you at home within?

Are you in the right place to attract abundance and joy in your life?

As we step into the holiday season we may become triggered with old beliefs patterns, feelings and behaviors-unresolved cellular memory holding us in abeyance.

Many, many blessings for a joy-filled Thanksgiving Holiday.

There IS much to be thankful for.

Share your thoughts on the blog.

From my heart to yours,