Isn’t it time to get out of the way and empower ourselves without the need to disempower others. When we make decisions for someone else, or judge someone else’s decision, than we are in fact disempowering them. I have learned how important it is to allow everyone to live their truth even if it doesn’t resonate with me. Who am I to make judgment about another’s path? The reality is I only have control of mine.  And for me, this means everyone-including children, lovers, spouses, friends. I personaly believe we do more damage than good to our self and the other if we get in someone else’s way.

So I ask myself, what’s the energetic root behind my behavior or actions? How pure is it? Are these behaviors and actions representing my own need rather than the need of the other? The truest form of compassion entails allowing the other to be their authentic self.

With children, sometimes we truly believe we are offering guidance and parenting when, in fact, we may be squelching the child’s gifts and authenticity by BELIEVING we know better. I have learned how important it is to stand back and witness our “children” in THEIR truest form.  The question to ask is “are we simply transferring our needs onto them, insisting our knowing is better than theirs.” We must discern what is OURS and what is THEIRS.  Of course this doesn’t mean not to parent-it means to parent consciously.

Loving your child, offering support and boundaries is all we really need to do. Making them live with our rigid old paradigm  will not serve the children of today. In fact, it serves no one.

With our lovers, spouses and friends it is the same. We spend so much time trying to control their behavior as if it is a direct reflection of self. Or maybe because we have been brought up to lay blame elsewhere. The more we cherish these relationships as a mirror of ourselves, the more each person becomes authentic in their being-ness.

So free yourself and everyone else you know- let go and get out of the way. Then sit back and watch relationships thrive.