Everyone’s talking about healing the world-everyone!

How important it is to be in the process of healing ourselves before we can bring pure healing energy to the world.  We always bring “ourselves” to everything we do. If we are still entangled with emotions that project negative energy, than we will bring negative energy everywhere we go.

When we are around someone driven by ego we can physically FEEL their hurt inner child spilling out, needing love and gentleness to surround them, making them feel safe.  All we need to do is reach out with love and compassion and know that’s where they’re residing.  The gift is that it also releases any emotional trigger from your hurt inner child as well.

So go inside and feel your energy-what are you projecting to the world? You will know. Once you know you will be able to change and be-come the softer, more divine energy you are meant to be.

In order to bring compassion, peace and healing to the world we live in, we must BE compassionate, peaceful and healed inside ourselves. We are our energy. Feel the vibration you are. Are you at peace? Are you at ease with yourself inside-out or is there a disconnect between your personality self and your divine self?

It’s simply about awareness and the willingness to let go of the drama of old energy and pain and move into the flow of pure divine energy and grace.

Yes, our world desperately needs healing. So let’s commit to our own healing!