Remission (noun):  slowing of disease, lessening of something, release from something

Healing (noun) process of curing or becoming well. (Adjective) curative

Not long ago I met a physician who read my book and felt adamantly that I was simply experiencing a remission-not healing. I’ve never been challenged before by anyone-even in the medical community. All I have heard is that I am a miracle and encouraged to keep doing whatever it is I am doing.

Without judgment his ‘belief system,’ one quite fixed in the scientific world, could only conclude that my healing was a remission of sorts, not transcendence, as I do.

The most powerful and affirming part of this interaction was ‘my response.’

I KNOW I’ve healed on a cellular level-not because I’m doing ‘physical tasks’ that I couldn’t do before, but because I AM no longer the same person. Everything has shifted in me.  I sit comfortably in that knowing.  My life depends on it!

For me, the most gratifying shift wasn’t witnessed in the physical, but rather the emotional-spiritual realm.

My heart is peace. My soul is flow. My being is grace.

I never get angry anymore-ever. I’m compassionate and gracious with everyone who comes across my path (including the people who were at the center of my grief and dis-ease.)

It’s all been transcended. How does that happen?

The answer is simple, yet complex, at the same time. I’ve learned to witness every event, large and small, without exception, as experiences showing up, a golden opportunity for continued growth and healing.  I am  sure about this.

Ask yourself, are you in peace? Do you believe in who you are? Do you allow others to challenge the ‘core knowing’ that resides so deeply within? It really is a choice. It’s our choice. Next time someone challenges you ask yourself, ‘what is being triggered that is making me re-act or respond this way?’  Listen to the answer. The answer will come from a place deep within. If it doesn’t go deeper until you receive the answer. Don’t settle for a superficial answer-that’s not where wisdom and strength reside. Trust your core.

The gift of this man, a medical doctor, was to challenge my conviction and my deepest knowing. No anger. No reaction. Just a simple thank you to the Universe for providing, once again, an opportunity for me to sit calmly and quietly in my knowing.