I recently experienced another opportunity to engage in cellular clearing by grieving a very strong past life-bleed through. Until a few weeks ago I wasn’t even aware how deeply I “held onto” feelings concerning a particular person in my life, and how the energetics of a past life continued to govern how I showed up in the present moment. He was deeply imbedded in my cellular make-up. When I met him, I immediately knew we had a past-life connection (actually many past lives) but it was this particular lifetime that continued to hold a charge. When I first did some Soul Memory Discovery to understand this dynamic, it was clear that this lifetime I was to walk away from him, but never quite understood what that really looked liked. We clearly came together to heal what was unfinished.

A year ago I woke up in the middle of the night in tears after having a vision of this man dying in my arms. I knew I had absolutely no power to save him. My beloved was gone. It was clear from the energetic intensity that we had a strong, loving relationship and it was a terrible loss for me.

In time, it became more apparent how deep the cellular connection actually was and how I never fully grieved the loss. I decided it was time to “go back in,” fully discover what was lingering and what it really meant to walk away.

In this new awareness, I grieved the loss-deeply grieved the loss on a gut level, crying from my heart as if he had died in my arms today. I recited the customary prayer in the Jewish religion and literally “buried” him, visioning myself shoveling dirt upon his coffin. It was uncanny how real it felt.

With this clearing I removed any cords and old energetic “attachment” that remained from this lifetime. I recognized the message about walking away was indeed about leaving behind the bleed-thru of hurt, guilt, pain and grief, not literally from him. This clearing opened the door to be present to the relationship we have today. In doing this work, I’ve set myself free to love and honor him and myself.

It’s so important to clear old business, what we call past life bleed-thru and live in the is-ness of what’s here now. No one needs to carry extra baggage that no longer serves us on any level.

It’s been a few weeks since this experience and the turn-around is remarkable. I am grateful I was guided to complete this process.