To fully express your soul's purpose and sole-knowing, you are required to journey within and reveal to "yourself" how critical your life story was, and is and will be. It's all part of the healing-clearing as you proceed forward, stepping with confidence and clarity to a new space in time. Your space, defined by you and only you.

Are you ready to say yes to a new life? Are you ready to make life-altering provocative and audacious attitude adjustments? That's what's required. No more playing small. Time to fully jump into the water of full expression.

Here's how you do that!

  1. Acknowledge your SELF, who you are and what you desire? Bold, no shapeshifting, clear message between you and yourself.

  2. Ask yourself what doesn't serve me? Be honest to the core. Many times we say it doesn't serve us and it fact it does. Identify the difference.

  3. Be ready and willing to explore your attitude. Every attitude adjustment will open you up widely to new opportunities.

  4. Go to the source of your pain, sorrow, potential, strengths, weaknesses, the good, bad and the ugly!! No more fiction. No more past story that feeds the underdog in you.

  5. Tell yourself over and over you can do it, you will do it, you are happy to do it !!!!

This is a gorgeous beginning to the next part of your life. Congratulations.

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